Fashion face-off on last night's Project Runway All Stars

This week's episode of

Project Runway All Stars

was "fashionmania," as Mondo Guerra, the Denver designer who won last week's challenge, put it.

At the beginning of last night's episode, the designers were asked to pick handbags; inside each bag was a luggage tag with a season written on it. The designers were paired up by which season they'd picked, then told that they were competing against each other to create sportswear looks for a weekend getaway in their respective seasons, and that there would be a high and low score for each pair.

Austin and Kara were paired together to design for spring. Kenley and Mondo had summer, Jerrell and Michael had winter and Mila and Rami were designing for fall. All was well in the fashion world until Jerrell noticed Michael's sweater looked suspiciously like the sweater he'd finished an hour before. When Joanna came to the work room for advice, she noticed the tension between Michael and Jerrell and called a team meeting to ask everyone else's opinions on the matter. The other designers agreed that they saw Jerrell's sweater first, but couldn't say if Michael had actually stolen the design or not. Finally, it came down to the runway -- where the designs had to speak for themselves.

Austin: khaki pants with a floral top under a pink cardigan.

Kara: white pants with a fuschia top under a gray shiny sweater.

Kenley: pajama-inspired periwinkle and polka dot romper.

Mondo: herringbone shorts with a polka dot, off the shoulder top.

Rami: blue wrap sweater over a lime green lycra turtleneck mess and gray pants.

Mila: khaki cape with black tip over a red shirt and gray pants.

Jerrell: gray-toned slouchy sweater over a gray cardigan and black pants.

Michael: gray and black sweater with black leggings.

After all of the designs were shown, the judges deemed Kara, Kenley, Mila and Jerrell's outfits the best and those of Austin, Mondo, Rami and Michael the worst. In the end, Jerrell's version of the black slouchy sweater won, with the judges praising his bohemian vision. And Rami's lycra mishap got him sent home.

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