Fashion Moto 2008

Slide Show!

On Friday, April 18, Erico Motorsports, 2855 Walnut Street, hosted a night of fashion, shopping, music and free drinks -- four of my very favorite things. The event was packed with revelers enjoying margaritas, martinis and champagne cocktails made from St. Germain, a versatile French elderflower liqueur that works well mixed with vodka, tequila, champagne and wine, and even stands alone served straight-up with a twist.

The fashion show featured tons of Euro style with looks by Ducati, Vespa, Triumph and ReVit, and got off with a bang when a model climbed atop a motorcycle above the runway and revved away-- capturing the attention of everyone and eliciting concerns of potential carbon monoxide poisoning from a few. Once the fumes cleared away, though, it was all fabulous fashion.

Check out this slide show with photos by Jim Narcy for a play by play of the evening's festivities.

-- Aubrey Shoe

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