Fat Saturday

According to the second of the ten commandments of the Tour de Fat — honor all other bikes — the eleventh annual cross-country party isn’t just a fun-lovin’ festival featuring beer, bands and costumed bicycle aficionados; it’s “the one bike festival that cherishes bicycle diversity on our Cruise-ade through town,” says Bryan Simpson, spokesman for the Tour de Fat and sponsor New Belgium Brewing.

“Bike culture at large in this country is on fire and exploding, and that’s a great thing,” Simpson goes on. “What we find is it brings a lot of different elements of bike culture together: You get your fixies with your road riders with the mountain bikers all in one place. It’s fun to get all those different sub-groups together.”

What begins near the City Park Esplanade with a six-plus-mile parade around the city turns into a keg-tapping brouhaha with entertainment galore and culminates with the Car-for-Bike Trade Celebration, during which one dedicated cyclist will hand over the title to his or her vehicle in exchange for a shiny new set of (two) wheels.

“Those people,” Simpson says of the car-for-bike swappers in each of the tour’s thirteen cities, “are true role models.”

Bike parade registration is free (there’s a suggested donation of $5) and begins at 9 a.m. in City Park. Entertainment begins at 11 a.m., with the Car-for-Bike Trade at 2:35 p.m. Get a full schedule and more information at www.newbelgium.com/content/denver-city-park.
Sat., Sept. 11, 2010

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Drew Bixby

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