File This Under "Only in Denver": Our Airport Has an Ice-Skating Rink (VIDEO)

Since the dawn of the aircraft, delayed travelers have found respite in airport bars. But this year, Denver International Airport offered a more productive distraction: a free ice-skating rink on the plaza.

As of December 30, 6,325 skaters had taken advantage of the rink, which gets an average of about 250 to 300 visitors a day. The rink is part of a series of programs — including Film on the Fly, a summer film series — meant to attract not only weary travelers, but employees of the airport and anyone who lives close by.

"There are a variety of events, in addition to the ice-skating rink, that have been available for everyone to have a wonderful experience at the airport," says DIA spokeswoman Daria Serna.

The ice skating rink closes on January 1 but will return next winter.


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