Filthy Fun

Registration for the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain this weekend sold out weeks ago, so if you’re late to the party you’ll be there strictly as a spectator. But, oh, what a spectacle it will be, with bands of noble savages storming extreme and extremely muddy obstacles as they sack the summit and pillage the peak. The 350 warriors will take off in waves from the base camp battleground at 9 a.m. today and tomorrow, then run straight for the summit before making their way through a three-mile course dotted with a dozen obstacles, including Hay Fever, Junker Jump and Tunnels of Terror. Grab a couple of drinks and get a good seat near the Muddy Mayhem or Warrior Roast checkpoints, or by the fire truck hosing com-petitors off at the finish line, suggests race director Lauren Dash. “It’s free for spectators and very spectator-friendly,” she adds. “We’ll have the warriors jumping over fire, crawling through mudpits and under barbed wire, and trying to climb over walls and nets, all abso-lutely covered in filth.” Back at base camp, Copper will be hosting a full-on Warrior Weekend, with boulder-heaving contests, live music, and — of course — barrels and barrels of beer. Huzzah! For more information and upcoming events across the country, visit
Sat., Aug. 21, 9 a.m., 2010
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Colin Bane
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