Five awesome celebrity Dating Game moments in advance of MCA's Black Sheep Friday

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Tonight, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, one lucky person win a date with Buntport Theater as a part of MCA's Black Sheep Friday Dating Game event. In honor of the 60s show that inspired this local happening, we've compiled a collection of the top five celebrity appearances on The Dating Game. From a ten-year-old Michael Jackson, to Andy Kaufman in character (unbeknownst to anyone on the show) , to a serial killer (that's right, a serial killer) -- the contestants tonight at the MCA have a lot to live up to.

Vincent Price

It's hard to say what the creepiest part of this episode is. Could it be that Vincent Price is reading questions for a lady, so effectively hitting on three contestants for her, that Price is wearing a indistinguishable full-length robed costume, or that contestant number two seems to be hitting on Price, not in an ironic way and not to get to the lady. Whatever the reason, this clip's worth watching if only for the rundown of sweet prizes at the beginning of the episode, including a chauffeured tour in a Chevy Impala. So classy.

Steve Martin

Somewhere deep inside, haven't you always wanted to know what Steve Martin looked like before he went grey, in like third grade? Well, take a look. And then look no longer. Because Steve Martin is not actually funny as a contestant. Yet, he wins. Which supports my theory that

The Dating Game

was not a real dating show, but rather a way for up-and-comings to get on TV. It was probably rigged so someone's nephew/son/boyfriend could get more air time and they probably never go on dates in Impalas. I hope they kept their luggage sets, however, because those sets are awesome.

Andy Kaufman

Kaufman went on

The Dating Game

in character, as Baji Kimran, and no one on the show knew about it. So, as a present-day viewer, we're afforded the chance to look at how uncomfortable he makes the bachelorette (dressed in a skin-tight tiger skin dress). When she doesn't choose him, which I can't possibly understand because his answers are charmingly adorable, he cries and protests, "But, I got all the answers right." Pretty classic Kaufman. Before anyone knew it was classic Kaufman.

Rodney Alcala

In perhaps the creepiest moment in game show, or television history, Rodney Alcala wins

The Dating Game

at the height of his crime spree -- in which he strangled, raped and killed seven women. The absolute most unsettling part is that he's charming. It's like I'm always telling my mom -- it won't be the guy you don't like who kills me in my sleep, it will be the one you do.

Michael Jackson

Never has there been on television five more uncomfortable children than in the instance of this episode. Michael Jackson, at age ten, gets to choose from a bevy of cute little girls. The panel of girls is mono-racial, a gesture bound to be proved ironic later. The girls' answers are a lot racier than one would expect during that time (one girl even answers that her hypothetical date would end at a hotel), but don't worry because she (yes, she wins) and Michael are going on a chauffeured date. To his concert.

The Museum of Contemporary Art's version of The Dating Game, in which three contestants try to win a date through the museum with the Buntport Theater troupe starts tonight at 5 p.m. (actual dating game starts at 7 p.m.), at 1485 Delgany Street. Tickets are $5, and include the price of admission to the museum. Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.