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Five big reasons why you need to move outta your parents' house

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5. Your parents did their jobs, now go do yours

After a certain point, living with your parents turns you into a perma-child who behaves more like a flighty, carefree high school student than an independent adult with plans and goals. Your parents cook your meals and do your laundry, while you spend your money on dining out, cars and endless spring breaks. While this may sound good, you need an exit strategy to relieve parents of the burden of caring and paying for adults who can and should move out -- and move on to become productive members of society instead of letting college degrees gather dust.

There could be future brain surgeons lazing on couches, playing Minecraft and eating Pringles right now.

4. Arrested development is the opposite of sexy

Living with your parents can be a major deterrent to dating, or at least dating people who have standards. Someone who has no good reason for residing in the parental home is a giant, screaming red flag, and scares off potential dates who favor partners who have their own shit together and something to offer a relationship other than mooching the parents' water bed and wet bar when the folks are out of town. This setup is awesome for high school, iffy for college, and pretty sad past that point.

It's sexy -- and responsible -- to have your own place.

3. Parents need freedom, too

Having grown children living at home can also be frustrating for parents who need and want their own spaces, and are eager to spend their time doing cool parent things like bridge club, gardening and holding freaky swinger's parties on the weekends. Parents are people, too -- something that's easy to forget when they are your unpaid servants -- and they are not 100 percent fulfilled making you meatloaf and reminding you every single day to keep the thermostat at 65 degrees.

Moving out of your parents' house means you never have to come home early on a weekend and find out your mommy and daddy may have other uses for the hot tub out back.

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