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We love pop-up shops. Just as we love this weekend's Vintage Renewal Pop+Up Eco-Boutique, which opens tonight at Hinterland, we're also nuts about such past and coming temporary outlets as Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast, Yespleasemore and I ♥ Denver, and next weekend's Denver Handmade Alliance Pop-Up Shop at the Denver County Fair. And part of what's really great about the pop-up model is that the sky's the limit: The pop-up retailer can pop-up with whatever the heck they want, since it's temporary. Here are a few pop-ups we'd love to see pop open:

World's Wonder View Tower Curio Shop

Genoa's famously weird emporium of arrowheads, old bottles, petrified wood and animal freaks on the Central Plains is surely worth a visit, if you've got the time to drive all the hell out there, but how cool would it be if amateur archaeologist Jerry Chubbuck, who owns the kooky museum in the middle of nowhere, would open an annex in town for at least one glorious weekend. Now, if only there was a way for him to also import the touted view of six states (as confirmed by Ripley's Believe It or Not), we'd be high as a kite (the Geological Survey also confirmed in 1934 that the tower was the highest point between New York City and Denver. Wonder if that could still be true).

Dumpsters of the Denver Country Club

Even dumpster divers can choose to be choosey, and when that happens, the cloistered alleys of Denver Country Club are where they head, as it's generally known to be prime for picking -- if you can actually unlock the key to one of those back-alley pots-o-gold. So, why not just lay it all on the table, rich folks? Put up a tent, and let us all loose. It could be the yard sale of all yard sales, and that's the only thing that even comes close to dumpster diving for the thrill of the hunt.

If they don't come through, you can always do this:

Blinky's Antiques and Collectibles, Redux

Okay, this request is pretty much the stuff of dreams. Most of the stuff from Blinky's Antiques and Collectibles, the store once owned by TV's Blinky's Fun Club stalwart Russell Scott (aka Blinky the Clown), which closed in 2008, was curtly auctioned off shortly thereafter: But even if he has, Blinky's fans never retire. And what wouldn't they give for a piece of Blinky loot!

John LaBriola described it thus in 2005 as part of Westword's collective journey down Broadway:

Seated next to a wall sink (the only remnant from when this spot was a one-chair barbershop), Scott is surrounded by yesterday's artifacts: top hats, fly rods, Indian snowshoes, tin soldiers, rug beaters, toy robots, butter churns, sombreros, cuckoo clocks, war medals, trombones, autoharps, pocket Derringers, paper umbrellas, tube radios, Hummel figurines, rotary telephones, a Pee-Wee Herman doll, a Dukes of Hazzard lunch box. (Follow the link to the wayback machine for the complete story)

As an aside, a gigantic Blinky's Fun Club reunion is planned this Saturday at noon at the Denver County Fair; Blinky himself might or might not be in attendance, depending on health issues. Wouldn't it be nice if his stuff was, too? Be there.

Jerry Simpson's Studio Far be it from us to expect Denver assemblage artist/collector of things Jerry Simpson to part with any of his stuff, but still. Maybe he could open a wee little pop-up museum where we could just take a look at it without having to bust in to his studio complex.

Mythica von Griffyth's Body Painting Studio

Our awesome bald-headed friend Mythica von Griffyth is a Renaissance woman of sorts, but one of her specialties is body painting, and it's not just your run-of-the-mill, everyday body painting, either. Uh-uh. Sure, Mythica can paint a flower on your face and all that, but at her most creative, she's a mistress of the arcane, as evidenced by this lovely ancient spell of a midriff shown below, bedecked with symbolic pagan gibberish and such. And unlike a tattoo, which is painfully forever, it washes off. Please pop-up, Mythica, and save a lot of folks the trouble of making a long-term mistake, while still looking gorgeous and hip.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.