Five equally awful/awesome shows to watch now that Jersey Shore 3 is over

After watching the Jersey Shore crew drink and fight and tan together just like a real family, they moved out of the house last week in a rather deflated thirteenth and final episode of the show's third season. Though the group is still supposed to go to Italy for another round of episodes this summer, word is not all castmates have renewed their contracts. But what we're more concerned about is, what is there to do with our Thursday nights now that there are no insane Sammi and Ronnie fights to endure? Here are five other things you could watch tonight, instead of MTV's Jersey Blah re-runs.

The Joy Behar Show on HLN

Though thinly veiled as a "news" program, this show might be the closest thing to

Jersey Shore

in terms of totally inane content. Not only can Behar not read a teleprompter to save her life, she rarely finds relevant topics to discuss. Watch above as she interviews Jessie Spano, er, Elizabeth Berkley, and manages to come off sounding like your crazy aunt who asks you intensely personal questions about doing the "hanky panky" over Thanksgiving dinner

Martin on MTV2

Thank goodness channels like MTV2 have tapped into the notion that shows from the '90s are in high demand these days.


is a a classic, and a great re-introduction the comedic genius that made Martin Lawrence one to watch in the first place. Watching Lawrence play Martin's nosey neighbor Sheneneh has us wishing sitcoms still realized the humor in bad drag.

The Facebook Obsession on CNBC

Though this is a re-run, it is a good one. If you thought The Social Network was too much of a blasé and congratulatory hand job of Mark Zuckerberg's empire, this special is for you. Lester Holt's serious news voice is so serious and newsy, you'll hang on every word. Plus, you can park it on the couch with your laptop and Facebook it up while you're watching a show about Facebook!

Police Women: Most Amazing Arrests on TLC

Okay, so we're cheating a little because this show is technically on at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. (around the usually scheduled Jersey Shore time) but it rules. If you missed last year's epic show,

Police Women of Broward County

, this is purely the highlights -- including Cincinnati and Dallas episodes too -- complete with crack busts and belligerent drunk drivers threatening to pee in cop cars.

Taxidermy USA on Discovery Channel

This show is so good, it doesn't even have an online trailer and we want to watch it. It follows three families who gut and stuff everything from big game to house cats, and if it's anything like this channel's other shows --

Deadliest Catch


American Loggers

-- it should be wrought with personal drama. And dead animals.

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