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Five films from 38 Films, playing tonight at Casselman's

It's no secret Denver has a love affair with film festivals, but if you're looking to pack in a ton of films into a single night, there aren't a whole lot of options. Thankfully, 38 Films is going down tonight at Casselman's. It's a collection of 38 films (duh) from 32 different directors in a variety of styles and formats. In short, you'll be able to have your mind-blown, your mouth erupt in laughter and your eyeballs shed tears in the span of just a few hours. If you're interested in getting a taste of what the one-night showcase is going to entail, we've got five our favorites below.

5. ID & Emma by D.W. Alexander At its core, ID & Emma is a tale of a man asking a woman out on a date, but as the film progresses, you'll quickly learn exactly what the title means. It's got a lot of humor mixed into it, and you'll certainly have fun playing "spot the Denver location" throughout.

4. Second Chance by David Quakenbush Another sort-of love story, but this time with a time machine. It also features a soundtrack by Vitamins, so it totally rocks out for brief moments. The voiceover running though the whole film will illuminate what's going on, and if you pay close enough attention, it all falls into place nicely.

3. Memphis Psychosis by Kris Hipps Equal parts comedy and music video, Memphis Psychosis is something of a cross-country adventure, with plenty of weirdness to supplement the ordinary. It's a bit long, but it's well worth your time.

2. Blood Trail by Emerson Frakes We can't figure out exactly what's going on in the trailer, but we're totally into the ridiculous story shown here, and the animation style is terrific. It looks like the story might go in a Coen Brothers-style direction, but its hard to say for certain.

1. Rainbow Chasers, by the Nix Brothers We're not sure how much of the Rainbow Chasers webisodes are going to be playing, but its certainly one of our favorite Colorado mockumentaries. In case you can't pick up the premise, it's about a man who chases rainbows.

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