Five lessons from the SIA Snow Fashion Show

Overheard at the SIA Snow Fashion Show:

"On the lookout for FYB, blue steel, and the assured unintentional comedy" - Jonny Burns, proprietor of SouthOfTheNorth.com and, ahem, FuckYeahBro.com, irreverent snowboarding blogs tracking the trends at the SIA Snow Show this week.

If the fashion show at the Wells Fargo Theater (the kickoff event for this week's SnowSports Industries America trade show) is any indication, trends for the 2010/2011 winter season include dizzyingly bright colors, undergarments as outerwear, and patriotism aplenty. We saw lots of blue steel and unintentional comedy, not so much FYB (though those Olympic team freestyle ski team uniforms by Under Armour are pretty fresh).


Other lessons from the night:

1. It turns out it's nearly impossible to look sexy walking the runway in Moon Boots.

2. Ladies: If you're trying to draw attention away from your unforgivably unfashionable ski pants, try pairing them with a bikini top and most people won't even notice.

3. All the advances in high tech synthetic fabrics for cold weather gear have been for naught, apparently: People are still perching cute little furry (dead) animals on their heads in the 21st century, Davy Crockett-style. Where's the PETA protesters when you need them?

4. Dudes: Skip the ski pants and just rock your base layer. The ladies go nuts when you stroll to the lodge packing your package in nothing but a thin pair of long johns.

5. Jersey Shore is coming to the Aspen après ski scene. Believe it.

Slideshow photos by Sarah Austin

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