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Five Scary Documentaries That Will Give You Nightmares

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3) Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall about the Slasher Film (2006) While not based on a true horror story, Going to Pieces comments on the cultural impact of scary movies. Despite the general lack of respect for these movies, the film showcases their importance, arguing that there is a little blood lust is in all of us.. Going to Pieces chronicles the evolution of these movies -- from 1972's The House on the Left to 2004's Saw -- analyzing budgets, politics, general themes and audiences. In the process, It features plenty of gory excitement and great interviews with horror-movie favorites like Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Rob Zombie.

2) Titicut Follies (1967) Titicut Follies gives you the inside look you never wanted into the state Prison for the Criminally Insane in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It's much more frightening than any fictitious insane asylum, because these are real people. You see the patients interact with guards, social workers and psychiatrists, and it makes you question where the real evil is. Because of the movie's graphic -- and not too flattering -- portrayal of inmate treatment, it suffered decades of censorship and was only released to the public in 1991. By the end of the movie,you'll be begging for your own freedom. Keep reading for one more scary documentary.

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