Breeality Bites

Five Ways to Not Be a Jerk at the Gym

New Year's Day is my favorite holiday. Resolutions are better than presents to me: I love to make them, and I love to hear about other people's plans for the coming months and champion them along the way. Like many people, getting in better shape was on my list for 2015 for sure. Though I'm a gym rat, I go through times in my life when I just can't bring myself to set foot inside my place of worship. But in 2015, I moved to erase that can-don't mindset and began an intense workout regimen and fairly sensible diet plan that I am now successfully five days into.

Over the five days that I have spent calorie-counting and planning my workouts, I have become reacquainted with the gym and all of my favorite fellow fitness freaks. But stepping off of the StairMaster the other day, I was startled by an older gentleman -- shirtless, wearing only cargo shorts and white Seinfeld tennis shoes -- flexing his pancakes in the mirror. In shock but motivated, it was this immodest public atrocity that inspired me to share five things that I think we can all do to make the gym a better place (and, yes, wearing a shirt is one of them).

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Bree Davies is a multimedia journalist, artist advocate and community organizer born and raised in Denver. Rooted in the world of Do-It-Yourself arts and music, Davies co-founded Titwrench experimental music festival, is host of the local music and comedy show Sounds on 29th on CPT12 Colorado Public Television and is creator and host of the civic and social issue-focused podcast, Hello? Denver? Are You Still There? Her work is centered on a passionate advocacy for all ages, accessible, inclusive, non-commercial and autonomous DIY art spaces and music venues in Denver.
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