Foray on 420: Five public artworks to trip out on while stoned

Ah, life's eternal questions, like "Why do words sounds so weird if you say them a bunch of times in a row?" and "What if, like, when you looked in the mirror you were seeing the real you looking at the fake you and you're the fake you" and "Wait, what?" -- all of which suddenly become vastly more interesting to contemplate with the help of mother nature's favorite weed of wonder. Nevertheless, however interesting it may be to watch your fingers fing this 420 holiday, you may also need some weird stuff to look at between bong rips, and we're here to help you out: Here are five public artworks in Denver that will blow your fucking lobe, man. 5. "The Yearling," by Donald Lipski At: 14th Avenue and Broadway Is it a really small horse on a regular-sized chair, or a regular-sized horse on a really large chair? It's the second one, actually, but that doesn't make it any less crazy to look at. It's like that time it occurred to you that your universe might be the most insignificant speck in another, much larger universe, except it's like the chair is just maybe from a different, slightly larger universe, like a parallel universe where everything is just roughly forty times as large. Except it wouldn't seem larger, because everything would be that size. Weeeird. 4. "I see what you mean," by Lawrence Argent At: 14th and California Streets When you're burning mad blunts, you really can't go wrong with art that fucks with the scale of things, and Lawrence Argent's big blue bear is yet another that will pry your whole eyeball open. It's even freakier if you go inside and look at the bear looking at you. He knows! 3. Burns Park, various artists At: Colorado Boulevard and Alameda Avenue Somewhat better known as "Triangle Park" for its three-sided shape, Burns park is a bordered on all sides by major throughways and hardly anyone ever goes there, meaning its sole occupants are likely to be you, a bunch of trippy sculptures and a half ounce of really good shit. 2. "National Velvet," by John McEnroe At: 16th Street and Platte River Drive Call it by its official name, "National Velvet," call it our unofficial name, "Saggy Boob Electric Penis," call it whatever you want, but that thing is fucked up looking -- and the craziest part is, you can't even really figure out why. It's just a stack of vaguely gross-looking red things assembled into an obelisk-like shape that... uh, kind of gives you the munchies, in a disconcerting way. Also, it glows in the dark. 1. "Blue Mustang," Luis Jimenez At: DIA The freaky metallic blue color, the glowing red satanic eyes, the rearing posture, the fact that it murdered its creator: It's like an apparition from your most metal nightmare, and you can find it conveniently located right outside the Denver International Airport. Just the question of who was balls-out enough to green-light this thing is enough to pop your mind-grapes. Get ready, bro: You just got a one-way ticket to midnight.

Faaaar out! If you need some directions to guide you through your green haze, check out the map below:

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