Free For All

If you long for the days of running to class just as the bell rings or discussing the impact of global warming, sign up for one of the 32 free public courses being offered by the University of Denver as part of the Bridges to the Future project.

A year-long joint venture of DU and Colorado State University, the program explores American history and values and how they shape our future. Retired General H. Norman Schwarzkopf and former Senator John Glenn have already given lectures, and the spring lineup includes Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Cardinal Francis George of Chicago.

Starting on January 6, DU is offering two sessions of the four-course non-credit seminars on such topics as A Search for a Simpler Way of Life, Religious Diversity in America, Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post 9/11 World and Living in the Shadow of Vietnam: Debating War After the 1960s. If that's too soon, wait for the spring series that starts March 3.

"We wanted to offer classes that are compelling and interesting to the public in terms of what we are dealing with right now as a country," says Christian Hawley, a university spokeswoman. "They are all very, very thought-provoking."

Interested parties can register for the DU classes, which are limited to fifteen to twenty participants, by calling 303-871-7886 or logging on to, or register in person at University College, 2211 South Josephine Street.

While some teachers may suggest outside reading material, no homework, essays or final exams will be assigned -- something that real college students can only dream about.

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Julie Dunn
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