Free For All

Finding funding for major art projects is always tough, but with today's bear market, it can be even harder than usual. At William Havu Gallery, they're taking the bull by the horns with a series of panel discussions designed to encourage art in tough economic times. The second installation, titled Public Art: The Commission Process, will be held Wednesday, January 22, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

"Too often, the funding is being spent on out-of-state people, when we have a slew of talented public artists right here in Denver," says Kate Thompson, the gallery administrator. "This panel will be informative to both artists and to companies who might need public art."

The free lecture will consist of five panelists -- four local artists and a representative from the Mayor's Office of Art and Culture -- discussing issues such as who does public commissions in Denver, how to apply for grants and commissions, and what opportunities are out there for area artists. "It would be really nice if we could get more local artists doing some big works," says Thompson. "It's a difficult process, but we're trying to get people talking."

William Havu Gallery is located at 1040 Cherokee Street; call 303-893-2360 for further information.

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Julie Dunn
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