Free movie time: Bark (the movie) invites weirdness

When you're talking about a silent sci-fi-parody movie based on the 1971 concept LP Bark, commonly regarded as one of Jefferson Airplane's worst albums, it pretty much only makes sense that it would be set on the moon in the 26th century and prominently involve buffalo. Also that the narrative arc would be loosely based on the definitive Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita. That cinematic scenario could go any number of directions (more specifically, it could be either really awesome or really awful), but particularly considering it's happening at the most far-out bookstore in town, at least one thing is certain: Shit's going to get weird.

Conceived and created by Denver-area filmmaker Paul Berry, the movie uses the full Airplane album as a soundtrack for the story of... something. We're fairly certain it's about cheese in some way. Here's a little sampling of it, a scene set to "Pretty as you Feel," one of the groovier tracks on the Bark LP.

At any rate, if you're feeling in a mood to potentially get your mind blown tomorrow afternoon, you've got little to lose except for the cost of the couple of bowls you are pretty much required to smoke before going to this thing. The screening starts at 3:30 p.m at Isis Books and Gifts and includes a discussion with Berry himself, who will be there to provide answers in case you're all like, whoa, man, I mean what does it mean?

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