Free movie time: Food, Inc. tonight at Fluid Coffee Bar

In recent years, there's been a spate of documentaries that traffic in what you might call "guiltertainment," dissecting a common problem, rivetingly revealing how awful it is and then telling you how you're complicit. Food, Inc. is that kind of documentary. Tackling the evils of giant agribusiness, Food, Inc. makes the case that the way our food is produced is both sickening and inhumane, perpetuated by a money-driven conspiracy that goes right to the top levels of government. You will be horrified. That said, you will also be exceedingly entertained.

To help you cope with the depression Food, Inc. will induce, the film is followed by a discussion led by the Cottonwood Institute, an organization devoted to encouraging young people to affect positive change, "one adventure at a time," so you can walk out feeling inspired and invigorated until The Man grinds down your will again. Thanks a lot for getting our hopes up, Food, Inc.

The masochism begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Fluid Coffee Bar and is free and open to anyone who wants to come.

Get out there and change the world. Or maybe not.

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