Free movie time: O Brother, Where Art Thou at Front Range Community College in Westminster

Probably nowhere in cinema right now is there anyone making films as consistently smart, witty and engaging as those of the Coen Brothers. By the time O Brother, Where Art Thou came out eleven years ago, with instant classics like The Big Lebowski and Fargo already under their belt, the Coens were well established as masterful auteurs, but O Brother, Where Art Thou still managed to up the ante, retaining all the the idiosyncrasy and humor of their previous efforts but also expanding on the underlying literary themes that had made their films so interesting -- all without a hint of pretension. It's as deserving as any film in their oeuvre of a closer look, and tonight, you can get just that, at no cost to you.

Beginning at 6:30, tonight's screening of the film kicks off with a discussion led by members of the Front Range Community College faculty on a few of the aspects that continue to set the film apart -- humanities professor Marilee Wehde will talk about themes from Homer's Odyssey that permeate the storyline, English professor Randy Russell will discuss the cinematic approach the Coens take, economics Professor Ayelet Zur-Nayberg will expound on the period (the Great Depression) while music Professor Kevin Garry will take on the film's notable soundtrack (remember "Man of Constant Sorrow"?).

It goes down at the Visual and Performing Arts Gallery (room C1660) at FRCC's Westminster campus, 3645 West 112th Avenue. Though the screening is free and open to anyone, seating is limited, so get there early.

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