French-Fried Art

Here’s the thing about doing an art show that celebrates potatoes: Inevitably, a handful of creatives will try to involve McDonald’s french fries in their pieces. Which is great, except that McDonald’s fries simply will not adhere to any surface for an entire month. “It’s amazing,” says Crissy Robinette, executive director for The Other Side Arts. “The McDonald’s french fry will always win. Then there’s a pile of ’em on the floor.”

Oh, well. Potato Show 2010, which features art (even performance) from, about or inspired by potatoes, is back for its third go-around, McDonald’s be damned. “It’s such an unusual show,” Robinette adds. “It’s a fun, non-intimidating show where everyone can feel comfortable putting something crazy together and entering it. It’s really cool to see everyone’s different perspectives of what the potato means to them.”

The show opens today with a free reception from 6 to 10 p.m. and runs until February 26. TOSA is at 1644 Platte Street. For information, go to or by calling 303-561-3000.
Feb. 5-26, 2010

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Drew Bixby

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