Fresh opens today in Cherry Creek

Fresh Nail, Wax and Dry Bar wants to change the business of nails and hair by delivering consistent service, high quality...and alcohol. Fresh is the first nail, wax and dry salon franchise in the country, and it got its start at Aspen Grove in 2010. A Cherry Creek location opened today.

Fresh members get complimentary wine with their service, and every Wednesday thee are goods from a local bakery. And this place isn't just for the ladies: Services for men are available at any time, and there are monthly ballgame events and beer.

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Erin Jacobsen is the owner of the Cherry Creek Fresh. "The idea came about to have a franchise because it really doesn't exist in the United States, where you can recognize the name," Jacobsen says. "Different cities you go to, different states. Fresh is really going to launch nationally, but the experience will be the same."

For Fresh CEO Tina Colburn, the most important quality is consistency; no matter which branch you go to or which cosmetologist attends you, the service will always be the same. "The quality is really standardized, the consistency of the service," she says. All the cosmetologists are fully licensed, and all the products used are natural, organic, non-toxic and made in the U.S.

"These products are being used on your skin, so anything that is potentially going into your body, any type of product that's being applied to your skin, you want to make sure that it is a benefit to you," Jacobsen says. "We want to make sure that it's still safe for us, it's not going to harm the skin. Even the wax that we use doesn't get above your normal body temperature."

Colburn wants Fresh to become the go-to place for busy women around the country. "Forbes magazine just came out with an article last week about the fact that 54 percent of the people who are professionals in the country now are women," she says. "This is what fills that void, they're able to to pop in and get services in an hour and there's going to be one of these within seven miles of everybody, if we get our way."

The next Fresh will open in Park Meadows in November.

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