Friday Flash returns with high-tech digital art in the Denver Theatre District this summer

Last summer, Ivar Zeile and Ryan Pattie of Denver Digerati brought a quiet revolution to the Denver Theatre District's giant LED screens: Between the ads and promos most often seen flashing on the screens, Zeile and Pattie's curated series of short Friday Flash programs traded commerce for cutting-edge digital art and animation. Included in the package was a commission program aimed at slowly building a collection of motion-based art that could continue to show up on the LEDs in a year-round rotation.

Now Zeile says that Friday Flash will be back this summer in an abbreviated but still highly innovative form, beginning with "Download This" in June and continuing with two more shows.

All images from Friday Flash 1, 2013, various artists.

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"For 'Download This,' we're amassing clips by notable and not-so-notable artists from all over the world in digital animation, and you'll be able to download their artwork on your computer," Zeile notes. "The whole crux of that idea of downloading content is that it's incredible how that's transforming our society. We're not telling people what they'll be seeing in advance, but we can guarantee they'll see some of the most cutting-edge work being made." The focus will shift to a kid-friendly theme for the second screening, which Zeile promises won't be too overtly childish for adults to enjoy: "It will stem from the concept that a lot of work artists are doing is accessible in a way that most work isn't, necessarily," he says. "It's educational and visually fascinating, proving that the idea of this new medium as a public context shouldn't just be for the video-diehard audience. Anybody who attends would come away with a sense of wonder and amazement."

This year's DTD commissions will be unveiled on the big screen in September, Zeile reveals.

Continue reading for more about this summer's Friday Flash programs. What does the future look like for these collected works, which are the pay dirt of the whole program? You can see for yourself right now: Not only did some works currently featured at Monkey Town 4 originate on the Friday Flash screen, but "Cadavres Exquis," a ten-second spot by Dutch artist Jules Julien, is now in rotation on the screen at 14th and Arapahoe streets, showing up about every five minutes between cycling advertisements. The clip, a highly condensed .gif version of Julien's fifteen-minute original, gives a taste of the digital universe, and Zeile envisions such "ten-second film festivals" more regularly infiltrating screens throughout the year as the collection grows. Catch "Download This" on June 13 at the corner of 14th and Champa streets; to keep up with further announcements and the finalized 2014 Friday Flash schedule, continue to check Denver Digerati online.

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