Friday the 13th brings at least one good thing: $13 tattoos and piercings

Friday the 13th has been associated with a lot of creepy shit over the years. From various natural disasters to Tupac's death, the date has been deemed unlucky by superstitious people everywhere. But rather than succumb to friggatriskaidekaphobia tomorrow and keep looking over your shoulder for Jason Voorhees, you can visit Phantom 8 Tattoo and Piercing and celebrate the eerie day by getting inked. The shop is offering $13 tattoos and piercings to celebrate their 13th year in business on this supposedly doomed day. A measly $13 will get you a tattoo (with a limited choice of designs) or a piercing. Jewelry comes at an additional cost. It's a pretty good deal if you don't mind ghosts haunting your belly button ring forever. That's what happens on Friday the 13th, right? Drop by Phantom 8, 3969 South Broadway, from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow or call 303-762-0660 for more information.

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