Frock Out 2010: It's a circus out there!

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Chris and fashion diva Tran Wills played the audience like a circus calliope, even before the doors opened: For people standing in line waiting to get in, there were food trucks, a circus barker in an orange suit and bowler hat and a fire eater who took the chill off the library plaza with his breathy pyrotechnics, all offering a sensual hint of what we'd find inside. And once everyone was inside, it didn't take long for the excitement to build. Once the lights went down, and introductions were made by hosts Cora Vette, the burlesque belter, and CW2's man about town Chris Parente, competitor James Silvrants was announced as the winner of the people's vote and we were treated Cora's rendition of West Side Story's "Something's Coming." Oh, yes. Wasn't it, though? See full slideshow from Frock Out 2010 The circus music came up and the Denver Roller Dolls skated through an eerie Roller Doll dance up and down the runway. Then, the bass pounded and the spots pulsed and out pranced the models, wearing a kaleidoscope of Denver-made styles: from retro cheesecake swimsuits to folkloric toppers, swishing gowns to perfect little suits. Out came drag queen Lucy Ricardo. Out came Lady Godiva and Chicken Man and the Fat "Sexiest Man Alive" Guy. Out came Lucha Libre Guy and the Siamese Twins and the Cave Couple. Out came an elegant Vivienne VaVoom, brandishing her red feather fans like a vision from the past. Out came the Calypso Drag Queen, writhing down the runway in a poofy black gown studded with fabric roses.

See full slideshow from Frock Out 2010

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