Front Range Flag Company celebrates Colorado's spirit of adventure

Jackie Barry's love for flags as celebratory beacons originated in Philadelphia, but it's the Colorado outdoors that inspires Front Range Flag Company. Barry and her business partner, Ryan Casey, launched the custom flag company early this summer to commemorate adventurous achievements big and small -- from going a short hike to climbing a Fourteener.

The two met in college in Philadelphia, where Barry developed her interest in fabrics and flags. She built miniature sailboats at the Independence Seaport Museum and even did her senior thesis on flags.

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"Being around nautical flags a lot, I really appreciated them and I always thought they were really beautiful," she says. "I wanted to experiment with making different forms of signaling flags or something like that and that just turned into flags about ex-lovers, flags about what I was doing that day, flags about vacations."

An adventure lover, Barry was excited to move to Colorado and become a part of the mountain community. She teamed up with designer Casey to start Front Range Flag Company in 2012 and they officially launched their website this summer.

"I wanted to create something that could be used as a celebratory thing for making it up one of the Fourteeners or little dinky hikes or whatever," Barry explains. "Definitely this is a vessel to celebrate the everyday stuff, with a focus on being outside."

Flags celebrating local expeditions like the conquering of Pikes Peak and Mount Evans can now be purchased on the website. Front Range is also taking orders from custom flags with personal touches -- for an outdoor wedding, for example. They hope to collaborate with local shops in the future and branch out beyond flags.

For more information, visit the Front Range Flag Company website or contact Barry and Casey at hello@frontrangeflag.co.

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