Fur Sure

"I'm a hair dresser and a real estate agent by trade," reveals Denver Fur Drive organizer Joyce McKenzie, "but I have a passion."

That passion has driven her to help stop the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals every year for the sake of fashion. McKenzie hopes to raise awareness about the fur trade, and through education she hopes to de-value the fur and help stop the practice of killing animals solely for their fur.

Many big name department stores have been found using real fur on items marked as "faux," so the use of fur, whether real or not, needs to permanently be a trend that is, like, so over.

To say good bye to your own past fashion mistakes, you can donate old furs to the Denver Fur Drive by dropping them off at Le Bakery Sensual, 300 East 6th Avenue, or City Bark LoDo, 3150 Brighton Blvd. You'll get a written receipt good for tax credit, and a warm fuzzy feeling, too, since donated furs will be used to line the cages of orphaned or injured animals. Just look how cute that bobcat is snuggling up to his donated fur.

Some think wearing fur is sexy, but trust me -- it's much, much sexier to wear your own skin.

The fur drive continues through April 30th. For more information on fur, click here.

- Aubrey Shoe

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Aubrey Shoe
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