Futurama quiz: Bite some shiny metal asses tonight at Rackhouse Pub

Good news, everyone! If you love Futurama and beer, then you should check out "All Glory to the Hypnoquiz: an all-Futurama Event" at Rackhouse Pub tonight at 8 p.m. Sponsored by Geeks Who Drink, this pub quiz will involve teams competing (showing off) with each other to answer trivia questions about all six seasons of Futurama--and the four movies. And it's my personal mission to think of the best name for my quiz team.

This pay-to-play quiz costs $5 per person, with all the cash going into a purse for the winning team members--the projected winnings being $200-$500 (depending on the amount of players). Attendees will likely be subjected to a night of insider jokes being shoved up their collective cloacae, and the quiz is open to everyone: mutants, robots and 21st Century humans.

Founded in 2006, Geeks Who Drink runs and promotes weekly live-hosted pub quizzes in over a dozen states including Colorado, and its mission is to "Promote social drinking and competitive nerdliness in a fun, relaxed environment." Tonight's Futurama quiz teams get to choose their own team names, so since I'll be competing on a team (and blogging about it) I've thought of a list of potential names for my team.

"The Hooker-bots" "Whalers on the Moon" "Three skin flakes" "The robo-sexuals" "Brannigan's Law" "Kappa Kappa Wong" "The Spice Weasels" "The Velour Fog" "The Skin-tubes." "Thunder-Cougar-Falcon-Bird" "Death to all Humans" "The Evil Lincolns" "The Lightspeed Briefs" "The Meatbags" "The Neptunian Slugs"

Can you think of better Futurama quiz team names? Post 'em here.

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Jenn Wohletz
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