Art Attack: Twelve Ways to See Art Live or Otherwise This Week

Kevin Hoth, “Sleep Now in the Fire.”
Kevin Hoth, “Sleep Now in the Fire.” Kevin Hoth, Walker Fine Art
What’s new in Denver galleries? Small-work displays for holiday shopping and themed shows encouraging everyone to ditch this year for a (we hope) better 2021. Both are proof that the local scene is still fighting to overcome challenges brought on by these difficult times, while also supporting actual creation.

If you go out, wear a mask, make an appointment — do whatever is needed to visit galleries safely. If you’re not ready to venture into other spaces, you’ll find that some of the galleries are posting in-person shows online.

Here's when, where and how to see art this week:
click to enlarge TREY DUVALL
Trey Duvall
Nicholas D’Ornellas and Toni Gallo, The Fog of Memory
Suchitra Mattai Studio, 2772 Walnut Street
Through December 4
By appointment only; sign up online

Trey Duvall, Entirely Devoid
S*Park Pop-Up, 2570 Lawrence Street
Through December 26
By appointment only; sign up online

The Fog of Memory and Entirely Devoid helped RedLine launch the Checking In initiative during Denver Arts Week(end), but more important, the two shows mark the beginning of a campaign to give artists shut down by COVID-19 some fresh space to exhibit a continuum of work to the public during these pandemic-driven times. The work of pairing artists with partner spaces is off to a great start: Nicholas D’Ornellas and Toni Gallo comment in fiber, photographs and paintings on pathways through our memories in artist Suchitra Mattai’s studio, while at RedLine’s S*park Pop-Up, Trey Duvall’s kinetic sculptures describe the numbing give-and-take of tension during times of crisis. Checking In is set to run through March, with a multitude of partner spaces ready to pitch.
click to enlarge Rebecca Ryszkowski, “Memento Mori,” 2020. - REBECCA RYSZKOWSKI
Rebecca Ryszkowski, “Memento Mori,” 2020.
Rebecca Ryszkowski
2020 Visual Arts BFA Thesis Exhibition
Emmanuel Gallery, 1205 Tenth Street Plaza, Auraria Campus
Through December 17
The rise of COVID-19 last spring caused a massive string of gallery cancellations and postponements, including the CU Denver College of Arts & Media’s traditional Visual Arts Department BFA thesis exhibition at Emmanuel Gallery, the icing on the cake for graduating art students.
click to enlarge Kevin Specht, “The Valley,” acrylic on canvas. - KEVIN SPECHT
Kevin Specht, “The Valley,” acrylic on canvas.
Kevin Specht
Claudia Roulier and Kevin Specht, Tales of the Watchers
Guest Artist: Atomic Folk Art (through November 29)
Valkarie Gallery, 445 South Saulsbury Street, Belmar, Lakewood
Through December 6
Artist Reception, Saturday, November 14,  5 to 8:30 p.m.
RSVP for reception at Eventbrite for timed-entry slots

There’s a subtly spooky cloud settled over works by painter Kevin Specht and mixed-media artist Claudia Roulier, which alternately tell tales of people wandering through an uncertain landscape, and anthropomorphized animals caught in moments both amusing and savage. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, which fits in nicely with the insects and sea creatures mounted in decorative frames by guest artist Atomic Folk Art (AKA Valkarie studio resident artist Meagan Morgan). Still lying low at home? All exhibition artwork can also be viewed online at Valkarie’s website.
click to enlarge Paula Peacock, "Looking for Zen," oil on canvas. - PAULA PEACOCK
Paula Peacock, "Looking for Zen," oil on canvas.
Paula Peacock
Paula Peacock and Suzanne Frazier, Shift in Perspective
Simply Small 2: D’art Gallery Art Market
D’art Gallery, 900 Santa Fe Drive
Through December 6

Solos by members Paula Peacock, whose paintings and mixed-media sculptures address personal grief, and Suzanne Frazier, who goes in a different direction with gentle, Turner-esque paintings of morning light on the horizon, set the tone at D’art, while gallery members take over the east gallery with a small-works art market, just in time for holiday gift-shopping.
click to enlarge Anna Valdez, "New Patterns." - ANNA VALDEZ, DAVID B. SMITH GALLERY
Anna Valdez, "New Patterns."
Anna Valdez, David B. Smith Gallery
Anna Valdez, New Patterns
David B. Smith Gallery, 1543 Wazee Street
Through December 31
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 14, noon to 5 p.m.

David B. Smith’s new exhibition dazzles with the tropical colors of Oakland-based still-life painter Anna Valdez, turning the gallery into a visual jungle that’s just right for bringing an end to a less-than-perfect year. While it’s not necessary to make an appointment for the artist reception, be aware that only ten people will be allowed into the space at a time.

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