Gallery Sketches: Four Shows to See in Metro Denver September 12-14

This weekend's gallery openings include works that reimagine inner and outer landscapes, inspire creativity in youngsters or just plain look good on a wall. Highbrow, lowbrow and everywhere in between, there's something for everyone in Denver this weekend....

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Mia Mulvey and Amanda Small, Thaumazein Vertigo Art Space Through October 25

Artists Mia Mulvey and Amanda Small conspired to map a mixed-media installation of clay islands across the landscape of Vertigo Art Space for their joint work Thaumazin (the Greek word for "to wonder"). The show opened yesterday, but will remain on view through October 25; Vertigo is open Thursdays through Saturdays, and by appointment.

ArtBots: Artworks by DAVA Youth Downtown Aurora Visual Arts September 12 through November 18 Opening reception: 4 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, September 12

DAVA continues its good work of pairing kids in different age groups with artist/mentors for ArtBots, an imaginative show of everything robot, from found-object creations to drawings to movies about 'bots. Guest artists Shane Evans and Daniel Sorensen contribute some mechanical men of their own, while Geoffrey Chadwick of the Colorado Film School shows off short films produced by 24 DAVA Job Training students. This is fun that pushes all your pop-culture buttons.

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Beau Carey, Far North Lanny DeVuono, Outer Space Goodwin Fine Art September 12 through November 1 Opening reception: 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, September 12

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Goodwin pairs two landscape artists who pare down land images to the basic nitty gritty of light and surface. Beau Carey's oil canvases explore the wintry peaks of Denali National Park in Alaska, where he worked in sub-zero temperatures during a residency, while Lanny DeVuono's mixed-media space landscapes take viewers farther afield to the untouched expanses of Mars, as documented by telescope and satellite images.

Jaime Molina and Anthony Garcia Crimson Hilt Tattoo, 2907 East Colfax Avenue Opening reception: 7 p.m. Saturday, September 13

Street art lives in unexpected places: Muralists Jaime Molina and Anthony Garcia Sr. will cover the walls with new work for a Saturday night soiree.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.