Gay Old Time

Sometimes I dream that inanimate objects come to life and walk around, carrying on like it's no big deal, like they have been sentient the whole time and I just never noticed. And I'm not talking about Michael Bay-style transforming robots. I mean late-night dream sessions about books sprouting legs and taking public transportation; dreams about going out back and having a cigarette with a roll of paper towels.

This is what comes to mind with the Out and About Show Home, a model house that has gotten up and gone out for errands, maybe stopped for an espresso and a chat with old friends somewhere down the block. The idea of friendliness and community and getting out and doing something is what surrounds the Out and About Show Home. The tag line is "community building community." A residential architect and his partner decided to build a house using only GLBT companies, thereby creating a network of support for similar projects in the future. They found a spot in the historic Berkeley neighborhood, gathered sponsors and builders, and constructed a wonderful house that opens for public viewing today from 3 to 7 p.m. Come by 4660 Raleigh Street to meet the designers and artists and get a firsthand account of everything it took to build the house from the dirt up.

The $10 admission benefits the Alexander Foundation, a company that creates networks and support for individuals and businesses within the GLBT community. For more on Show Home happenings, visit
Thu., Aug. 2, 7 p.m.

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Taylor Sullivan
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