Geeks Who Drink's Christopher Short makes good on Jeopardy! tomorrow night

For proof that a lifelong obsession with trivia will win you literally tens of dollars and a modest measure of short-lived semi-fame, look no further than Jeopardy! tomorrow night, when Geeks Who Drink editor Christopher Short will throw down in representation of Denver's community of nerds with an impressive ability to retain useless facts (actually, Short lives in Indiana, but Geeks Who Drink is Denver-based, so we'll take what we can get). He's contractually obligated to remain mum with regard to his performance on the show, but it's a pretty elite squad of folks who actually make it on the air, so just the appearance is pretty impressive of itself.

"The way that pretty much everybody gets on Jeopardy! these days is by taking the online test," Short tells us. "It's fifty questions, you have about fifteen seconds to answer each one and, in the end, absolutely nothing happens. They don't tell you how you did. So then I got an email in April letting me know that the were having auditions, and then there was another fifty-question test followed by again hearing nothing."

After an excruciating, several-month wait, they finally called him up again to appear on the show. That was back in November. (There's a four-month lead time between when episodes film and when they air, apparently -- so there's some useless facts about Jeopardy! to add to you useless facts file, geeks.)

"So for about four months now, I've been able to not talk about what happened," Short says. But that wait is about to end; Short's moment in the spotlight (and maybe the first of many -- we'll see) happens tomorrow night at 6 p.m. on KMGH-TV Channel 7; tune in or die. In the meantime, here's a preview:

Jk lol that's

Celebrity Jeopardy

, the popular

Saturday Night Live

parody starring Will Ferrell as Alex Trebec. Really,


doesn't really do previews of individual episodes. They do, however, do what they call

"Hometown Howdies,"

where contestants give shout-outs to their hometowns. Disregard that Short is saying howdy to West-Central Indiana; remember, this is about us.

And just to prove that it's about us, Geeks Who Drink is throwing a viewing party for the episode tomorrow night at the Park Tavern starting at 5:30 p.m., and don't forget to prove your geekery related to Arrested Development at GWD's "No Touching" Quiz on Tuesday, April 5, a quiz Short says he "mostly wrote myself." Because if he doesn't win the quiz tonight, the least you can do for him is go and lose his.

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