Geeky pick-up lines to help you out at Single Bytes

Geeks, as we all know from Anthony Michael Hall's romance outcome in The Breakfast Club, have a hard time getting the girl. Nevertheless, they'll get some help tonight at Single Bytes, a dinner and singles night designed by chronic personals section editor Audrey Klammer to bring geeks together and let those fly in a manner that can't necessarily be attributed to excessive static cling for once. They may or may not also get some help from us, in the form of these handy pick-up lines.

  • You can put a Trojan on my hard drive anytime.

  • Let's get binary, girl, and put our 1 and 0 together.

  • 1 + 1 = 2, but not if we multiply

  • Let's twist together like a double helix, and maybe produce a little DNA of our own.

  • Baby, you make me want to come transitively and intransitively, with nominal results.

  • Let's be like two nouns and get compounded.

  • I don't have a library card, but I'd like to check you out.

  • Hey, I'm an electromagnet -- guess my penetration depth.

  • Baby, you must have built me up, because I've got a full-on erection

  • Rule 34, please.

Now that you're prepared, don't miss Single Bytes at Creative Density Coworking at 8 p.m. -- admission is free, but a donation is suggested.

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