Get a Pizza This Contest

How does a guy who peddles hot dogs for a living feed his own pie hole? If you’re Steve Ballas, owner of Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, you hold a pizza-eating contest.

“I’m from the East Coast. I love pizza, and during the cold-weather months, everyone wants pizza. Plus, I’m a big fan of community involvement and supporting independent restaurants,” explains Ballas. So he and Pat Miller (the Gabby Gourmet) are tossing up a pizza tournament, the Best Tasting Pizza Contest, from 1 to 3 p.m. today.

Fifteen local pizza palaces, including Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria, Belemonti’s Pizzeria, New York Pizzeria, Wazee Supper Club, Enzo’s End and Denver Pizza Company, are participating in the judged competition at Ballas’s wiener hut, 3525 East Colfax Avenue. Each restaurant must enter one large plain cheese pie and one specialty pizza. “We’re encouraging everyone to bring samples for the audience, too,” says Ballas, who is also advocating the pairing of pies with suds. “There’s nothing better than pizza and a pitcher of beer.” Except maybe hot dogs, which sort of makes you wonder whether any of the pizza contenders will crown their crusts with pickles, mustard and frankfurters. “The pizza makers can get as creative as they’d like,” Ballas says.

There’s no pepperoni trophy for the winners — just bragging rights. Ready, set, spin the dough. For more information or to enter the contest (no national chains), dial 303-333-7627 or visit
Sat., Jan. 23, 1-3 p.m., 2010

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