Get a scary sneak preview of CREEP! at the Bug tonight

Some filmmakers aren't waiting for Colorado lawmakers to pass a movie incentive package, a proposal Melanie Asmar detailed in last week's cover story,

"The Reel West."

Local director Pete Schuermann plans to use crowd-funding to finish


, a movie within a documentary about the worst horror film ever.

And tonight at 8 p.m., the Emerging Filmmakers Project, one of our first MasterMind winners, will show a trailer for CREEP!, along with Schuermann's most recent short film, conditional.

Here's how its website describes CREEP!: "A dark comedy/documentary feature, CREEP! chronicles the outlandish story of director Art Nelson in his audacious effort to produce a monster movie in 1964. The result was the obscure yet cultish film, The Creeping Terror. Considered to be the worst movie ever made, it also became one of the most mind-boggling scams in the history of celluloid."

Want to be a part of that history? On March 13, the moviemakers will launch a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for CREEP!, so that the film can be finished this summer. Find more information about the movie here.

The Bug is located at 3654 Navajo Street.

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