Get Elevated at Twisted Sister Yoga and Cannabis Retreat

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Imagine taking a trip to a beautiful, secluded yoga retreat in the mountains of Colorado. Picture walking through the lovely setting, heading to your comfortably rustic cabin room, meditating...and then lighting up a joint. Twisted Sister invites you to do just that at Align With Your Heart, a cannabis-friendly mountain yoga retreat in Evergreen September 16 through September 20. This high-end, women-only retreat organized by Twisted Sister Yoga and sponsored by DANK dispensary will be full of deep personal exploration both on and off the mat.

Twisted Sister, a donation-based yoga studio, is based in DANK's Park Hill Building. It was founded by Shelly Jenkins, a Denver resident for the past twenty years and master yogi who's a living example of the positive impact of cannabis when used in healthy, spiritually in-tune ways. “I have to admit I cannot take full credit for the concept," Jenkins says. "The pairing of cannabis and yoga has been around for millennia. When cannabis became legal in Colorado, cannabis-infused yoga retreats was a natural addition to Twisted Sister yoga.”  
"You can either spend time creating the life you want or you can spend time in a negative space," Jenkins says of yoga — with or without cannabis. "When you sit down, touch your hands to your toes, you are healing. You don't have to know why, you just have to absorb the magic of yoga. That's why I teach; it healed me. It brought me back to my body. I'm all about teaching women and empowering them to get out of their comfort zone. To expand their comfort zone."

The weekend is geared to both beginning and advanced yogis. "It's really turning out to be a fabulous," Jenkins says."There are going to be lots of yogis who have never been exposed to it, ever."  Activities include yoga Nidra in the evenings; sunrise Asana and meditation; a meditation class called “Manifest Your Desires”; special nature yoga and meditation; transformational mini workshops  “Finding Your Unique Talents and Skills,” "Creating Your Life Mission Statement.” “Exploring Your Dharma”; Vedic astrology reading; mala bead making; Beaver Brook wilderness nature hike and yoga, and a cannabis cooking class with chef Nikki Idol Malik where yogis will be creating cannabis-infused peanut butter cups. 

Above all, Jenkins wants people to find what works for them. "I think that's my gift," she says. "Who wants to be the same? I teach people everyone's going to be able to be themselves. It's not a vacation, but I want the girls to relax, it's rare that we get to be still or have someone say, 'You should be still right now.' My passion is putting humans back on their path, to create their path. That's what I'm passionate about."

And how does cannabis help with that? “When I do use cannabis and practice yoga, it helps me get out of my head, let go of external distractions and be present in my asana and meditation practice,” Jenkins explains.

The retreat costs $1,100 to $1,300 and includes lodging at the swanky Evergreen cabin, as well as all classes, meals featuring high-vibe local cuisine by Malik (she'll be shopping a local farmers' market) and other refreshments, women are invited to bring their own cannabis. Enrollment is limited to twelve yogis; buy tickets here.

You can also experience Twisted Sister yoga classes and become a part of the community at 6 p.m. Tuesday and Friday and 10 a.m. Sunday at the donations-based studio at DANK in Park Hill. Jenkins says she hopes to have Wednesday evening class beginning September 23; she plans to continue adding instructors to meet demand.

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