Get Gnarly

Pat Milbery longed to ride with the professional snowboarders he looked up to when he was a kid in Minnesota — but they all made tracks for the Rocky Mountains the first chance they got and never looked back. So after Milbery turned pro and moved to Colorado himself, he started the So-Gnar Mighty Midwest Snowboard Camp Tour as a way of giving back — and an excuse to occasionally get back home. Now in its fifth year, the camp has expanded to include stops here, as well as not-exactly-Midwest locales in Washington, California and...Japan?

“The name kind of stuck, but we’re bringing the fun wherever it’s needed,” Milbery explains. “No disrespect to the instructors at local mountains, but if you can spend a couple days with some pros, you’re going to learn a ton of tricks and greatly increase your confidence and ability level.” The two-day camp that starts today at Echo Mountain features terrain-park coaching by Milbery and his crew of local pros; it costs just $149 (which includes lift tickets) or $99 for those with season passes.

“The pros love it because it’s a reminder that snowboarding is all about learning and having fun,” Milbery says. “The bottom line, whether you’re a first-timer or looking to go pro, is we all love to snowboard and can share that passion together.” Echo Mountain is at 19285 Highway 103, in Idaho Springs. For more information, go to
Sat., Dec. 18; Sun., Dec. 19, 2010

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