Get Ready to Frock Out… Just Not Yet

It was a clothes call. On November 5, followers of local fashion were supposed to get a look at what some of Denver’s favorite independent designers are up to. On that day, Frock Out Denver: Independent Designers Challenge, a collaboration between the Denver Public Library and the Fabric Lab, was to unveil the work of a dozen designers in Schlessman Hall on the first floor of the Denver Central Library. [jump]

Unfortunately, while the clothes arrived, the twelve mannequins were lost in transit, according to Chris Loffelmacher, co-director of cultural programming for the library. But he expects them to be found momentarily, and hopes to have the “museum-like” display of gorgeous winter party dresses up by Wednesday, November 7.

I did get a private sneak peak of the dresses, and the diverse collection holds more than a few surprises. The designers’ challenge stipulated that the party dresses had to incorporate silk, and every variety of silk seems to be represented -- from beautiful silver-gray silk velvet, to expertly pleated red-and-white stripped charmeuse. I’ll be particularly interested to see how the kelly green dress with attached scarves designed by Tricia Hoke comes together on a mannequin, since it looks utterly perplexing on the hanger.

Check back with Cat later this week for a complete rundown of all of the great fashions and designers. And in the meantime, you can drop by information counters at the DPL branch at 10 West 14th Avenue Parkway and pick up free tickets for the Frock Out Denver Runway Show, slated for Thursday, December 6 from 8-9 p.m. in Schlessman Hall. -- Aubrey Shoe

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