Get your craft on with Share Denver at Friday's Etsy "Recapture" Craft Party

For supreme crafter Becky Hensley, the best thing about doing work by hand is not knowing everything about a chosen artform. "A big part of Share Denver's philosophy is that you probably know how to do something and that thing you know how to do is probably something I want to know how to do," says Hensley. "If you are interested in sharing that information and you like to teach or get better at what you do, we encourage you to come to Share Denver and teach."

This Friday, June 6, Share Denver has partnered with Etsy for "Recapture," an evening dedicated to using embroidery to bring vintage photographs to life. In the process, the event will bring novice and expert crafters together to have fun and get to know each other through something as simple as a shared interest.

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For a nominal fee, Share Denver will provide vintage photographs (or participants may bring their own), thread and other materials for anyone interested in learning about this particular use of embroidery and embellishment. Hensley says embroidery is one of her strong points and passions, and she's excited about sharing the skill with newcomers or those already well-versed in the decorative stitching.

Share Denver, which opened a little over a year ago, is the more permanent physical manifestation of Denver Craft Ninjas, another DIY, community-engaging project that Hensley spearheads. With the Ninjas, Hensley had held workshops and craft meet-ups at places like 3 Kings and Mutiny Information Cafe.

While those were more adult-oriented, Share Denver is a space dedicated to crafting -- which allows all ages to participate. It also gives those in the community interested in sharing their knowledge a place to hold classes, which they can set up and host through Share Denver.

Share Denver will be serving up free beer to 21+ participants at the June 6 gathering, but all are welcome. Hensley emphasizes that these get-togethers at Share Denver are just as much about community building as they are about learning and skill-sharing. "Everything we do is about encouraging people to meet new people," she says. "Creative endeavors always kind of promote that -- It creates conversation."

The Etsy Craft Party goes down this Friday, June 6 at 6 p.m. at Share Denver. Entry is just $5 to cover supplies; register in advance online or buy your ticket at the door. For more information, visit Share Denver's website.

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