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Getting hurt sucks: Top 10 wipeout videos

Nobody wants a wipeout to land them on the disabled list for the rest of the season, but for some reason we humans love to watch one another literally crash and figuratively burn. (Almost as much as we love to watch one another commit even more unseemly acts.)

It follows that I raise my virtual glass to all of those whose pain and suffering has been recorded and posted on the Internet. But I digress: Without further ado, my top 10 wipeout videos culled from the depths of the WWW...

10. This one is at the top of the page for a reason: "Getting hurt sucks."

Simon Dumont soars, but the landing hurts to watch.

8. He's no Simon Dumont, but his landing is funnier and less painful.

7. The wrong answer to "Have you ever been skiing down a flight of stairs?"

6. In honor of the Winter Olympics, a serious luge wipeout.

5. And just like that, snowboarding season was over.

4. "Next time I'm wearing a helmet for sure." Hindsight is 20/20.

3. Bad ski wipeout indeed.

2. Who says sledders can't wipeout with the best of them?

1. The horror. The horror.


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