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Going for the gold: Your intrepid reporter runs with the gays, wins

When I got up Sunday morning, zipped up my skirt, slipped into my lacy stockings and sensible black pumps, did 50 one-armed pushups and ate a raw steak, I had one objective, and one objective only: to win. Sure, Running of the Gays was a jokey charity event to benefit Art from Ashes, an organization that tries to change the lives of troubled teens though art. People kept trying to tell me it "wasn't a race," but those people were wrong.

Because I wasn't running with the gays -- I was running against the gays, for a win that would either mean a victory for heterosexuality or that I was the best gay, either of which outcome fit into my personal philosophy of kicking ass, 100 percent of the time.

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Jef Otte
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