Gold-Dipped Pine Cones the New "It" Item? Fashionista Thinks So.

Fashionista is reporting today that the new pine cone earrings and necklace by Catherine Weitzman are sending "shivers down our spine."

Lately, you can’t walk down the street without seeing antlers – whether in jewelry, screen-printed t-shirts, or bar decorations. We think they might be going the way of skulls, and so we’ve moved on to pine cones!


Not to diss Catherine, because Cat does really love her "long branch" earrings in gold (either plain or with quartz), but pine cones? Welcome to every cheap souvenir shop on Denver's 16th Street Mall. (Cat had both a pinecone necklace and Aspen leaf earrings as a kid.) And yes, Catherine's are made from real pine cones dipped in gold, but so are ours -- and for a helluva lot less.

This so reminds Cat of the time she found tiny little cans of Bag Balm (you know, the stuff for horse hooves) being sold at the Anthropologie on Fifth Avenue in New York for like $8, when you can buy a giant vat of the (very moisturizing but smelly) stuff at any co-op across the West for next to nothing.

What a bizarre turn of fashion events.

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Amy Haimerl