Good luck guessing which of these MCA Black Sheep Friday ideas are real

Sure, the Museum of Contemporary Art maintains an appropriately bizarre group of events on a regular basis. There is, after all, nothing quite like a good homing pigeon rental to go with your yarn sculpture. But MCA's Black Sheep Fridays, in its second season this fall, make the rest of the museum's week look like Pleasantville. Based on fragmented descriptions that read like epitaphs, the museum's next round of weekend events promise to be just as culturally and nonsensically diverse as the last.

In honor of the anniversary of one of the most baffling series on the scene, Show and Tell came up with a few Black Sheep ideas of our own. Take a guess at which of these are real and which we just wish were real. The answers -- one of which is scheduled for tonight -- continue after the jump.

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Kelsey Whipple
Contact: Kelsey Whipple