Google Street View trike visits Boulder Creek Path

Soon you'll be able to watch the Day-Glo bike commuters and asshole rollerbladers hogging the Boulder Creek Path from the comfort of your laptop. Google plans to send their goofy Street View tricycle to take 360-degree photos of the entire walkway.

The Boulder Creek Path won a contest on Monday to become one of the first off-road locations visited and mapped by Google's Street View. 21,000 votes helped the iconic pathway beat out spots in Washington, California, D.C., and Pennsylvania. 

While Google usually uses outside riders for Street View, volunteers from the Google office in Boulder are trying to get a piece of the action (I'm sure they have plenty of experience). Eventually, Google Maps users can search for the Boulder Creek Path and map their whole commute--something Google hopes to expand for bikers and walkers across the the country over time.

"We're very excited," said Marni Ratzel, bicycle and transportation planner for the city's Go Boulder program. "I think it's great for our residents as well as for tourists who come to Boulder to see this great amenity that we have. They can do that virtually prior to coming, and they can show their friends after they've been there. It's just a really cool tool."

Google hasn't announced mapping dates, but as soon as they do, I'm planning on photobombing all 5.5 miles of the route--I've got my leopard-print Speedo washed just for the occasion. Who's with me?

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