Governor Jack Brings Betsy Sodaro and More National Improv Stars to Denver

Denver's Governor Jack has been busy in 2014 -- the improv group has been performing across the U.S. this year, hitting the Detroit Improv Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival, the Del Close Marathon in New York and, most recently, the Out of Bounds Comedy festival in Austin. The troupe of funny dudes is slated to perform at the SLC Comedy Carnivale in Salt Lake at the end of the month, but not before they throw down with their own signature monthly show, Governor Jack Watches You Sleep, at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse this Friday, September 5.

This weekend's edition of the part interview-part improv event promises to be a good one, with Los Angeles-based comedic genius Betsy Sodaro coming out to Denver just for the show. Governor Jack has seen some exciting changes in the last few months, too, revamping its While You Sleep show to create a whole new comedy experience.

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"At the start of this year, we teamed up with Sexpot Comedy and Sexy Pizza and reworked our show," says longstanding Governor Jack member James Clark. "Instead of having Denver celebrities as guests for Governor Jack Watches You Sleep, we started flying in improvisers from around the country to perform with us."

The format of the monthly event is still the same, he explains: The first half of the show is devoted to gleaning information from a guest via an informal, onstage interview, then the second half sees the improv troupe using that information to create hilarious scenes -- except now the guest becomes a part of the performance, too.

Clark says the relationship with Sexy Pizza and Sexpot Comedy has allowed the group to build a budget to bring in out-of-state talent, providing countless benefits. "We're trying to both expose more people here in Denver to the national improv scene at an affordable price, but we're also trying to show (performers) from places like New York, L.A. and Chicago that Denver has a kick-ass scene of its own," Clark adds.

Past national improv guests to Governor Jack Watches You Sleep include Alex Berg of L.A.'s Upright Citizens Brigade fame, Tracie Mauk from Omaha, Nnamdi Ngwe from Chicago and Rachael Mason from New York. Sodaro is the star this week; Dylan Rohde from Omaha is lined up for October and L.A.'s Suzi Barrett will join the show in November.

Governor Jack Watches You Sleep featuring Betsy Sodaro goes down tomorrow night, September 5, at 8 p.m. at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Tickets are $8 to $10 and advance purchase is highly recommended. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Voodoo's website or call 303-578-0079.

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