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Grandma on 16 and Pregnant threatens to sue for most predictable defamation of all time

There's hardly any denying that MTV's 16 and Pregnant is one of the most crassly exploitative shows ever made. Just the inherent nature of its subjects -- pregnant sixteen-year-old girls -- lends itself to portraying those subjects as frivolous, vindictive tards completely unprepared for the monumental task they are about to undertake, and MTV, obviously, is more than happy to oblige. Of course, the beauty of it is that, if you're sixteen years old, you'd be unlikely to realize that. If you're the parent of such a kid, though, geez, you probably should.

Or in this case, if you're the grandparent. Kathleen Green, grandmother of babydaddy Isiah on this week's episode of the show, is threatening MTV with a lawsuit for defamation on the grounds that MTV aired heavily edited footage of events that transpired that made her look like a bad person. What a surprise. "Nothing that aired is what happened," she protests.

The heart of her beef is that MTV shows her asking the girl, Christinna, to take a DNA test, which she says makes her come off like a ruthless bitch, because MTV left out that Christinna had told her (Green) that she'd had sex with another guy. And...I'm bored already. Because here's a tip for you, Kathleen Green: Nobody gives a shit about your drama. We're watching for the babymama drama.

While it's maybe somewhat surprising that MTV left that detail out -- because it's a juicy detail, and MTV is basically in the business of editing already vapid and lascivious people to make them appear even more vapid and lascivious -- it's not surprising that MTV edited the footage to make Green and everyone else involved look, well, vapid and lascivious. And though I've never personally been on 16 and Pregnant to verify it, there is very little doubt that MTV's right to edit footage in such a way is very carefully penned by a team of expensive lawyers right there into the consent form that everybody has to sign.

So the moral is: People who do not want to be exploited should not sign up to be exploited. Really, please stop signing up to be exploited now. Because 16 and Pregnant is fucking depressing.

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