Gratuitous randomness: America, f*ck yeah!

This weekend, America proved once again that no matter how far you run, no matter how well you hide, or possibly don't really bother to run or hide at all, you can't escape the badass eagle-sword of eventual justice! Osama bin laden is dead, and to celebrate -- and also because it's Wednesday, the day that we bring you the best of our crazy internets world in a compendium of images loosely related to whatever topic we happen to come up with -- it seems appropriate to follow 4chan's lead and remember the greatest song ever to sum up our awesomeness in butt-rock form: "America - Fuck Yeah" by Colorado's own Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In that same spirit, here's seven images of what happens when America fucking runs out of bubblegum. Follow us on Twitter!
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Jef Otte
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