Gratuitous randomness: Tom Hanks is a lot of animals

Ever since Nic Cage as Everyone stopped entertaining us roughly 46 seconds ago, we've been on a vigilant lookout for the next memomenon (that's "meme"="phenomenon") involving celebrities and Photoshop; now, a seeming eternity later, we've found it: Tom Hanks is a Lot of Animals, a photo/chop concept updated daily by a 17-year-old who conceived it as "the stupidest Tumblr I could think of." Well done, anonymous 17-year-old -- and today, because it's Wednesday, the day that we bring you the best of our weird internets world in a random compendium of images loosely related to whatever topic we happen to come up with, we salute you. So here you go: eleven images of Tom Hanks as a lot of animals.

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