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Greeley refutes your conspiracy theories, tells you where to put your snow in new talk show

When you call your local government office and ask whether they are covering up a dragon population in the sewers, the usual response is an auto-reply. Greeley, faced with only slightly less outlandish accusations, has taken a more proactive route by fielding citizen concerns in a View-style talk show on GTV8. In episode one: proper snow removal and why the mayor was grocery shopping at noon on a weekday. This is surreal television, people. Video below.

Your hosts, Deputy City Clerk Cheryl Aragon and Marketing and Publicity Coordinator Aimee Freeland, do a surprisingly earnest job here, considering the inane stuff they're dealing with.

Consider the lady who saw Mayor Tom Norton at King Soopers one afternoon and decided he was probably on the taxpayers' clock, so she called the city to complain. Had we received this call as a member of Greeley's city staff, we probably would have told this woman that while Mayor Norton certainly wasn't wasting tax money on whimsical midday grocery runs, she was definitely wasting it by calling. That is why we are not city clerks, however, and Aragon calmly explains that the Mayor of Greeley doesn't even have an office.

We also very much enjoy the intro, with fifteen seconds of b-roll chatter among the hosts. What are you laughing so hard about, Aimee Freeland? Parking ordinance violations? It's all part of a somewhat awkward shoehorning of what amounts to PSAs being delivered as though they're water-cooler fodder.

This is the first installment of a regular series. Check back to see whether this has the intended effect of placating concerned Greeleyites or whether the city has merely issued a challenge to prank callers everywhere.

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