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“What we are trying to do with this event is to get the people who don’t like to think too much about the environmental issues,” says Joe Brown of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. “I think films are more palatable than lectures and books, and maybe people would consider coming to see a film on an important issue, like pollution or global warming, and this could be a start for their environmental awareness.”

Featuring international and national films, such as director Stephanie Soechtig’s Tapped, which documents the unregulated bottled-water industry, the three-day lineup also includes the work of numerous Colorado filmmakers. Christopher Fauchere’s The Great Squeeze, for instance, looks at modern civilization’s dependence on fossil fuels, as well as past civilizations that have grown too fast, depleting their natural resources and ultimately collapsing.

“Celebrating the natural world and raising environmental awareness without ‘insane environmentalism’ is the goal of the festival,” Brown says.

The film fest takes place November 5-7 at the American Mountaineering Center, 710 Tenth Street in Golden. To view a copy of the program or buy tickets, go to or visit the Downtown Denver or Boulder REI stores.
Nov. 5-7, 2009

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