Guess where I'm biking near the Capitol building and win a B-cycle season pass

Did you know Denver has more than 850 miles of paved off-road trails available to cyclists? This essentially means you don't need to drive a car, ever. What's better is that within our great city, Denver officials have declared certain roadways to be bike friendly -- you'll notice the bikes painted on the ground in these areas. Tie all of this together, and you'll basically never need a car (just ask me.)

Can you guess where I'm biking near this structure that houses all of our lawmakers responsible for passing bike friendly laws?

? Leave a comment below (be as specific as possible.)

The winner receives a Denver B-cycle 2012 season pass -- a $80 value -- for free!

Just leave your best guess in the comments section and make sure you include an e-mail (whether in your Disqus profile or in the comment itself) so we can contact you if you're the winner.

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